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Imam al Mahdi?

In the name of Allah, Most Gracious, Ever Merciful

Though written by unknown individuals, there are some prophecies of interest in the article below, which may serve as a starting point for those interested in researching the subject further:


It is stated that Hassan ibn Thabit r.a. referred to the Holy Prophet Muhammad s.a. as Mahdi in a poem. This should not at all be surprising in that Prophets are referred to as 'Imams who Guided' in the Noble Qur'an [21:73, 32:24]. They guided others because they were Guided by Allah s.w.t., and hence are Imam Mahdi's. Who other than Muhammad s.a. is 'The Imam Mahdi', par excellence?

I was having a discussion with a christian colleague who stated the usual polemical argument that Muhammad s.a. is Dead and buried, whilst Jesus a.s. is Alive and will Return. I said to him that the muslims are waiting for Muhammad s.a. to return as well. He was shocked to hear this, upon which I told him that the Imam al Mahdi is the return of Muhammad s.a. himself. I meant this in the sense that his s.a. great, noble and deeply spiritual teachings would be revived, and according to one prophecy, the Ummah will become great.

(Source: Mustadrak al-Hakim, 4: 557-558; "he said: this is a hadith whose isnaad is sahih, although it was not reported by al-Bukhari and Muslim. Al-Dhahabi agreed with him, and al-Albaani said: this is a saheeh sanad, and its men are thiqaat (trustworthy), Silsilat al-ahaadeeth al-saheehah," 2: 336, hadeeth 771).

The christian colleague was rendered silent after this revelation.

[19:76] Allah increases in guidance those who follow the guidance. [20:47] Peace be upon those who follow the guidance.



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